Suzuki release new "Grande Réponse II"


Suzuki "Grande Réponse II" Suzuki are happy to announce the release of a new Grand Piano, the "Grande Réponse II", which replaces the previous version. Suzuki have carefully looked at all aspects of design in direct response to customer suggestions and requests. Sounds and styles have been updated and improved but most importantly to many, the cabinet has been carefully looked at to replicate the overall feeling of a grand Piano. Notice particularly the revised music rest and cabinet depth.


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Harmonica and Melodion videos
Learn about the full range of Suzuki Harmonica's and Melodions with a series of videos at our comprehensive harmonica website. Click here to view the site (opens in new window). 


Harmonicas. Are you confused?
Chromatic, Diatonic, Tremolo...all I want is to play a harmonica! Read our Harmonica FAQ to help you choose the right Harmonica. Whether you play Blues, rock or country, we can help you choose.


Suzuki are excited to introduce a completely new musical instrument! Be the first to hear and see it!




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New Harmonica's
Suzuki are proud to introduce an exciting new selection of Diatonic Harmonica's utilizing wood.

 Rosewood is renowned for its acoustic qualities, this may be in Classical Guitars or Violins. It has unique tonal qualities and when trying a new Suzuki Wooden Harmonica you will be astounded by the warmth, volume and spectrum of sound available, particularly in the mid and low range.

The redesigned reeds have been produced with the more experienced player in mind and make it easier to play the harmonica chromatically right out of the box!