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Chromatic Harmonica Club Level 1Founded in 1953, Suzuki Musical Instruments celebrate their 70th anniversary in 2023.

The Corporate Slogan "Make People Happy with Music" expresses an earnest desire, as a company, to provide you happiness through the creation and enjoyment of music. And we will continue to fulfill that desire into the future.
New OmnichordTo celebrate, Suzuki are re-imagining one of their most loved instruments; The Omnichord, which has been in almost continuous production since 1981.

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  Gregory page - Modern ManInternational singer songwriter Gregory Page is releasing a new album this year called 'Modern Man' composed on a Suzuki Omnichord OM-250m. The first single to be released on the 17th March is available for pre-order on Interrabang.

Page comments on the album: “Through this collection of songs, I struggle to feel at ease in the modern world, in which most of the time I feel lost. On this album, I abandon my trusty acoustic guitar and replace it with the Omnichord, on which I wrote all the tunes. This is a concept album that tells a story of the modern experience in 12 chapters”

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Keyboard Studies Programme Tackles Underfunding In Music Education with Suzuki Melodion. (external news article)  

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Classical Music NewsThis unlikely starter instrument provides a low-cost, low-maintenance option at a time where music provision in schools is suffering.

The National Keyboard Studies Programme, has announced an initiative offering UK school children the chance to learn the melodica. The programme aims to use this inexpensive, low-maintenance instrument to help provide low-cost music education at a time when music provision in schools is suffering.

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  Stealth Harmonica PlayingSNB-20 Shinobix Harmonica Silencer

Shinobix (from Shinobu, meaning 'Stealth') is designed to lower the volume of your diatonic harmonica without affecting playablilty. This unique accessory is composed of a cover plate set which replaces your normal plates, directing the tone into Suzuki's custom made Silencer. The silencer utilizes individual spiral structures for each of the 10 reed chambers; effectively reducing the sound level by around more

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Chromatic Harmonica Club Level 1This comprehensive book by Eva Hurt is a beautifully illustrated introduction to the Chromatic Harmonica.

Eva advises it is suitable for all ages from 6 and up (with assistance for younger pupils).

It carefully blends theory with practical learning, supported by a careful selection of appealing tunes. The included CD consists of 97 tracks corresponding to each musical example/piece in the book. Each song is recorded twice; once with Eva playing harmonica, the next is backing track only for accompanying the student. Download option also available for audio tracks after purchase.

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  Beata_Kossowska_tuition_bookSuzuki Melodions

No other musical instrument offers such a diverse learning and playing experience.

From the basics you learn to master breath control, keyboard skills, ensemble & solo playing, reading music and so on. As a Solo performance instrument the Melodion (also known as melodica) is fast becoming one of the coolest additions to your line up more

Suzuki Melodion ComparisonsThis newly released Melodion Information booklet from Suzuki details how and why the Melodion works, contains observations and comments from a Ena Yoshida, plus an overview of the various models available.

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Beata_Kossowska_tuition_bookHarmonica Tuition Books

Beata Kossowska, one of the worlds leading female Blues Harmonica Players and Suzuki Harmonica endorsee has released her own tuition book. Beata recommends her favourite Suzuki Harmonica, the HA-20 (Hammond Harp) and Airwave. For more information <click here>
Julia Joy has been an inspiration in teaching children in and out of schools to start off their Musical adventure and to gain confidence and motivation from an early age. Also, incorporating some unconventional instruments like the Melodion, which teaches breath control, keyboard skills, thereby more easily leading on to a much wider range of musical instruments.

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