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  Omni-Fest 20

Omni-Fest 20

Omni-Fest 20 Program12 Omnichordists from around the world in 4 hours of back to back live music on Omnichord Heavens Facebook page

Starts at:

  • 19:14 GMT+1 (UK)
  • 13:40 Central Time (USA)
  • 11:40 Pacific Time (USA)

Our headline act for Omni Fest 2020 is Jenny Omnichord, celebrating 20 years of live shows.


Chicago (Central) Time Los Angeles (Pacific) Time London (GMT+1)Time Program
13:40 11:40 19:40 Introduction and Welcome by Host
13:45 11:45 19:45 Lorraine Bowen
13:58 11:58 19:58 Cult Figure  (Barney Russel) 
14:16 12:16 20:16 Sue McLaren
14:34 12:34 20:34 LASS
14:52 12:52 20:52 Hurryman (Rob van-der Plas)
15:10 13:10 21:10 Tawny Ellis
15:28 13:28 21:28 Honolili Music (Lia Gibert)
15:46 13:46 21:46 Moxi (Anna Toy )
16:04 14:04 22:04 Lisa Crawley
16:22 14:22 22:22 Rachel Pearl
16:45 14:45 22:45 Casey Desmond
17:03 15:03 23:03 Jenny Omnichord

Lorraine Bowen

Lorraine BowenLorraine is a long time friend of Omnichord Heaven. First appearing on our old website along with Karina Townsend as 50% of the Chalkwell Ladies (actually, maybe 60/40 looking at the height difference). Many of you will know her as Britain's Got Talent finalist and Golden Buzzer awardee; 'The Crumble Lady'. According to David Walliams, Lorraine is Britain's answer to Beyoncé!

Whilst Lorraine delights and amuses all who meet and hear her, behind the polyester facade, she is, in fact, an incredibly talented song writer and musician. We feel privileged to have her open Omni-Fest 20.



Barney Russel (Cult Figures)

Silver BladesI started playing rhythm guitar at about the age of 15 and my first band played at the infamous ROXY punk club in London in 1979. Along the way to the present day I got into loving all sorts of offbeat instruments, player of many, master of none. (I love a bit of self-deprecation) I was recently given a full-sized cello and found a super cheap trombone in a thrift shop but the thin walls of my apartment here in London , and very belligerent neighbours do not allow me to practice either of those at home.

The original line-up of CULT FIGURES released two singles back in 1979 and 1980. The first one, ZIP NOLAN, now fetches prices of around £20 ($US 25) second-hand and still gets requested at our live shows. The original singer and guitarist are still in the band but there are now new bass and drums as well as myself....When I joined, I was asked what else I could bring along to the collective...the Omnichord was the result and has been a big hit , and although only used on one song, it may well appear elsewhere.

In CULT FIGURES, I have played bass guitar, clarinet, tenor saxop[hone, the giant Stylophone, the OM 27 Omnichord and a variety of percussion instruments. After most performances there is usually one person who wants to ask about the Omnichord and what it is exactly! It helps add a different sound to the gene melee, who knows what will come next?

The debut album THE 166 PLOUGHS A LONELY FURROW was released a few years back and gained some favourable reviews in music magazines. The next album is nearly ready for release and currently we are releasing a set of 3 EP's a month apart, the first of which is SILVER BLADES.


Current single: Silver Blades



Sue McLaren

Sue McLarenAwaiting bio from artist

Whilst we wait, we can tell you Sue McLaren is a British vocalist, producer and writer in the Dance/Trance Music scene. She is incredibly well respected for her work. Have a listen to Trespass which features Sue on vocals. Her vocals layer so well with the atmospheric sounds of this music genre.

We first met Sue after she sent her Omnichord in for repair and are really intrigued to hear her at Omni-Fest 20.





LASSLASSLASS is electropop DIY project of Kasia Klimczyk based in Warsaw who connects ultimate feminine sensibility with modern tools of electronic music.

Polish singer and producer has given dozens concerts and performances at festivals around the world (New York, South Korea, Poland, Lithuania and Slovakia, Zandari Festa, Pohoda Festival, Soundrive Festival, LOFTAS, Jeju World Music Oreum Festival, Spring Break Festival, Pianos, Bowery Electric, House of Vans, Tammany Hall, Williamsburg Music Center, Arlene’s Grocery and more).



Hurryman (Rob van der Plas)

Rob van der PlasRob van der PlasHurryman AKA Rob van der Plas, is our very good friend and a singer/songwriter from the Netherlands.

After starting his Omnichord blog in 2000 (probably the worlds first Omnichord resource), he became one of the administrators of the Facebook Qchord & Omnichord group as well as the official Omnichord Heaven facebook page.  Rob sings, plays guitar, and uses the Omnichord live and as a writer’s tool.

As ‘Hurryman’ he records & performs his dark and dreamy pop songs. Some call it Dreampop with a touch of Nordic frost, melancholic & dark. Influences: Madrugada, Bowie, Cave, Low, Daniel Lanois and many more.



I did a 30 songs in 30 days challenge last year.


Tawny Ellis

Tawny EllisTawny EllisTawny Ellis is an accomplished singer, songwriter, sculptor, actress and producer.

Tawny is known for her thought provoking lyrics and musical composition. Her work has a distinctive quality rooted in sweet Southern folk indicative of Patsy Cline and Emmylou Harris but most noteworthy, Ellis' voice: “It's the sort of voice one could make a meal of, in the vein of Neko Case or Ray LaMontagne, -- not to mention country singers from years, if not ages, past” (Guitar World Magazine).

Singing since childhood, Ellis’ sultry sound and complicated rhythms come from experience. Although a Savannah, GA native, Ellis traveled across America due to her nomadic childhood before landing in Southern California where she meets longtime collaborator Gio Loria, who along with Ellis brings her lush melodies and lyrical storytelling to audiences around the world. With music tours in North America and Europe and recording in studios in New Orleans and France, Ellis’ life on the road brings adventure and reward.

"Deep End Of Love" is her latest single and just released today! (12 June 2020)



Honolili (Lia Gibert)

Lia Gibert (Honolili Music)Lia GibertHonolili, aka Lía Gibert is an architect and singer-songwriter, born in Mallorca (Spain). Her music is inspired by legendary bands and vocalists of the 60s, 70s, 80s. Lia loves art in general, but music is her real passion.

Her beautifull  vocals, together with acoustic guitar, ukelele and Omnichord transport you in an instant to another decade.

For Omni-Fest 20, we expect this to be the set to chill out to. Lia named her style of music "Tropical Dream Pop"..dont you just love that?  If its sunny where you are, pour yourself a glass of something cool, lay back and imagine yourself on a beach in Calfornia or some tropical island with a warm southern breeze and the gentle sway of nearby Palms. - We are so there!




MOXIAnna Toy (MOXI)We first came across Anna Toy (then Anna Nelson) in 2013 performing a beautiful version of In My Dreams on her OM300. She, along with her husband Andy Toy join forces to become MOXI. Anna describes their sound as "Drawing on elements of modern pop and 80’s cinema with Anna’s distinct vocals against a backdrop of dark textures, moody guitar sonics and memorable dream-pop melodies" This is absolutely the case and many of their tracks could easily appear in films.

Together Anna and Andy are one of our favourite duo's. We love them so much we have their full catalogue. Check them out here:


Lisa Crawley

Lisa CrawleyLisa CrawleyNew Zealand born songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lisa Crawley grew up teaching the other kids in her class how to play the recorder. Three EP’s, two albums and numerous singles later singles later, she’s charming audiences across national and international stages performing her extensive repertoire of original music. Together with her natural ear for music and a refreshingly honest onstage presence, she produces heartfelt, authentic pop songs.

Some career highlights have included opening for Suzanne Vega, John Mayer, Jools Holland, Paul Weller and Simply Red.
Lisa recently returned to New Zealand to star as 'GIRL' in the Tony Award winning musical 'Once', gaining rave reviews, and is now in her new home in Los Angeles working towards her third full length album.

latest release:

Show You What Love Is - Lisa Crawley


Rachel Pearl

Rachel PearlRachel PearlRachel Pearl first caught our attention with an unusual live recording where she made superb use of a dance style on her Qchord.... along with the bass line; something we had never seen or heard before.

A fiery flash of red hair. Rachel Pearl clearly favors well-crafted pop hooks in the vein of Sia. She somehow manages to sound nostalgic and futuristic all at once.

A strong four-on-the-floor rhythm, lilting vocals and a soft bedding of layered electronic synthesis has taken Pearl to a level of working with internationally renowned DJs.



Casey Desmond

Casey DesmondCasey DesmondCasey Desmond is another of Omnichord-Heaven's long time friends and we have followed her career with interest; mesmerized by her love of very cool, vintage instruments and captivated by her stunning vocals. She kindly  provided us with some of the striking images you will find on the website.

Casey is an award winning vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist & engineer from Boston MA currently living in Oakland CA. Casey's writing and performance credits span several genres from the dark & folky The Woods Colt to collaborating with Electronic/Dance producers such as ZEE, Terravita, Essex, and Bunny (Ft in Insomniac's Nocturnal Wonderland Trailer).

Her most recent project, a departure from her previous Pop dance album, is a synth-laden experimental electronic pop solo project called CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background). Casey has written and recorded with multi-gold and platinum producers Robert Ellis Orrall (Taylor Swift, Martina McBride, Lindsay Lohan), Warren Cuccurullo (Duran Duran, Missing Persons) Chris Henderson, (R Kelly, Trey Songs, Jamie Foxx), Anthony J. Resta (Elton John, Collective Soul, Shawn Mullins), Grammy-Award winner Will Ackerman and recorded with bassist Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, and King Crimson).

She has garnered over two-dozen songwriting awards & prizes, film/tv placements, composition work with major networks and music libraries. She is currently working diligently on two new albums, and has launched an independent electronic label JUNGLE UP RECORDS.



Jenny Omnichord 

Jenny OmnichordJenny OmnichordJenny Mitchell, from Guelph, Ontario, discovered the joy of Omnichord when she was 15 years old, her unique and creative mind, together with this interesting new instrument came together....and Jenny Omnichord was born.

We first stumbled on her soon after, whilst putting together the website for the new Suzuki Qchord, featuring Jenny in the 'famous artist' section. Many of the Omnichord photos on this website were provided from her own extensive collection of instruments and is an admin on the official Omnichord Heaven facebook page.

Jenny has several albums to her name and an international following as both Jenny Omnichord and in 2018 released Bird City under her own name. She has stood the test of time and 2020 sees Jenny celebrating 20 years of live performances; what could be more fitting that headlining Omni-Fest 20?

Jenny's endearing style and interesting lyrics won us over from the start. Have a listen to some of her material on the following links