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  Omnichord For Sale

Suzuki Omnichord Model OM-84 (System Two) with original case.

OM 84OM 84 case
OM 84OM 84OM 84
OM 84OM 84

Good condition Suzuki Omnichord OM-84 with some marks from use.

Fully serviced by Omnichord Heaven and electronically excellent, with nice shiny battery contacts. Service includes: resoldering of all PCB edge connections (preventative maintenance), apply service update to minimize speaker noise, cleaning of chord button contacts and PCB. There is an added switch to turn off the internal speaker. This is a great idea, implimented in the new OM-108. Supplied with Reprinted owners manual (colour).

Supplied with or without:
New Suzuki approved AC adapter (either UK or EU as required).
Original Grey ABS Plastic carry case

Grade: B



  Notes on Grading:

New: This item is new in original box. It has not been opened or used.

Grade A: An item that has been used, but in excellent condition with only very minor marks from light use.

Grade B: (Average) Good used condition with some marks and scratches form use

Grade C: This item has been used extensively and has the marks to prove it. however it is still fully functional.

Grade D: Damaged, dirty, heavy scratches but refusing to give up