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Omnichord News

Suzuki announce delay of the OM-108
Posted today on the official website:

Notice of postponement of the new Omnichord release
LATEST NEWS 2023.10.17

We would like to inform you that the release date of the new Omnichord OM-108, which was scheduled for the Autumn/Fall 2023, will be postponed.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to customers who have been eagerly looking forward to the release.

We will be exhibiting the Omnichord OM-108 and announcing the new official release date at the Winter NAMM showto be held in Los Angeles, USA from January 25, 2024.

In the meantime we continue to improve and refine specifications, in order to provide our customers with the best performance experience possible with the new Omnichord.

Omnipedia - updated to include the OM-108

OmnipediaCatch up with the latest on the New Omnichord, all on one page. As Suzuki release information we will add it to our dedicated OM-108 section of the Omnipedia.

The Omnipedia includes information on every Omnichord along with photos and full specifications. If you have not read through it before, we are certain you will enjoy these pages!

New Omnichord  - Sound teaser #4 07th September 2023

In the latest exciting preview Suzuki reveal three rhythm patterns found on the OM-108!! The rhythm patterns have been updated to include a more contemporary selection than it's predecessors. Listen to the performance that combines the tones and chords introduced so far!

Rock1/ 0:00~
An oldies rock rhythm that has been installed in many previous Omnichords.

Hip Hop/ 0:17~
Equipped with trap beat for the first time in Omnichord.

A disco funk pattern is also installed for the first time as an Omnichord.

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New Omnichord Model OM108 - Sound teaser #3 28th July 2023

Welcome, the Suzuki Omnichord OM108

In this months update, Suzuki introduce a little about the chords. In the reproduction model, "sus4 / add9" are added, increasing the chord pallet from 84 to 108. Please listen to the performance using these chord variations.

The model number of the reproduced Omnichord has been decided as OM-108. The model number not only differentiates the product from previous models, but also indicates its features and functions.

Model Year of release Strum plate Chord
OM-27 1981 4 octaves,
27 chords
OM-36, OM-84 1984 4 octaves
Tone/OM-36(Harp), OM-84(Harp x 2)
84 chords
1989 4 octaves
Tone/ Guitar, Piano, Banjo,
Jazz Organ, Flute, Organ, Chime, Brass, Vibraphone, Synth.
84 chords
1993 4 octaves
Tone/ Omnichord, Guitar

Harp, Banjo, Strings, Piano,
Organ, Celeste, Marimba,
Steel drum
84 chords
OM-300 1996 4 octaves
Tone/ Omnichord, Guitar, Harp, Banjo, Strings, Piano, Organ, Celeste, Marimba,
Steel drum
84 chords
QC-1 1999 4 octaves / 100GM tone 36 soft touch buttons,
84 chords

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New Omnichord  - Sound teaser #2 29th June 2023

In this months preview Suzuki reveal the addition of layered sounds following the idea first seen on the OM84.

0:00~ Original Voice + OM-84 Vibrato Voice
The OM-84 had two electric harp sounds that could be layered. The new Omnichord perfectly replicates this same feature of the OM-84.
0:16~ FM piano + Mellow Synth. Pad
A mellow synth pad is layered on to a glittering electric piano with an FM tone generator.
0:24~ Acoustic Piano + Synth/Strings
Synth strings are layered on tothe sound of an acoustic piano.
0:34~ 0:49 Original Voice + Synth/Strings
Synth/strings are layered on to anelectric harp tone.

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New Omnichord  - Sound teaser #1 29th May 2023

Suzuki have released a teaser featuring a few of the sounds from the new Omnichord. These are a selection of classic Omnichord sounds that feature on the new model.

Original Voice 00:00~
The strum plate sound and tone of the OM-27, OM36, and OM84 was produced by analogue circuits. The new Omnichord also uses some analogue technology to bring this original sound back to life!
This sound, which is unique to analogue circuits, should be something that makes you feel, 'This is the Omnichord.'
Harp 0:14~
The beautiful tone that was installed on to the original OM-250M and OM-300 was resurrected with even higher sound quality on to the new Omnichord.
Celeste 0:22~
This is also a beautiful tone originally installed on to the OM-250 and OM-300. This is also resurrected with even higher sound quality.
Read the full article:

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New Omnichord - shape and size

Suzuki has revealed a little more information about the size and shape of the new Omnichord.

You may have noticed the grey silhouette in the initial announcement is similar to the OM27, OM36 and OM84. This is indeed the shape of the new version, although Suzuki have reduced the size slightly so that it is easy to carry around and comfortable to play.

Size comparison between the new Omnichord and an OM27:
New Omnichord Size and Shape

The dimensions are 460×250 mm
compared to an OM 27 at 520x280mm

Latest information can always be found on Suzuki's Global website

New Omnichord this Autumn!

New Omnichord teaser

Exciting News!!!
To celebrate their 70th year, Suzuki are 're-inventing' the Omnichord...for release in Autumn 2023.
We cannot reveal any more information at this time, other than to tell you it is not simply a re-issue of an old model (as some have speculated).

We will let you know more as we are able.

Click <HERE> for more info. (opens the official Suzuki Global Website)

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OM27 Chord Button Switches
Omnichord OM27For the past several years Omnichord Heaven have been on a quest for the Holy Grail of Omnichord Parts...

...The OM27 chord button switches.

Now, for the first time in over 20 years, they can be ordered in lots of 3, 9 or a full set of 27

Hopefully this will help keep a few more Omnichords on the road.

Click <HERE> for more info.

Accessories For Sale

Suzuki OM-27 Special Plectrum

OM27 plectrumWe have managed to obtain a small amount of original specification material used for the early Omnichord Strumplate plectrum. The first 40,000 or so model OM27s used a conductive strumplate that was hard to play for many owners. These required Suzuki's special plectrum to operate and were included with a new Omnichord. The original plectrums have not been available for over 40 years and command very high prices.

These plectrums are hand cut to order by us. We have very limited material so maximum of two per order. Each plectrum includes a reproduction Strumplate Notice as packed with the original OM27s.

NOTE: Not for use with later models

Price shown includes plectrum and delivery.
Please select amount & correct postage for your location:

Suzuki Qchord Accessories

Suzuki Qchord CartridgesA super selection of original accessories for your Qchord including Song & Style cartridges, Song Books, Cables and adapters.

Shop Now

 Omnifest - 14th June 2020


Omni-Fest 20 Program12 Omnichordists from around the world in 4 hours of back to back live music on Omnichord Heavens facebook page

Starts at:

  • 19:14 GMT+1 (UK)
  • 13:40 Central Time (USA)
  • 11:40 Pacific Time (USA)

Our headline act for Omni Fest 2020 is Jenny Omnichord, celebrating 20 years of live shows.

CLICK HERE for more information on the artists.



  New In - Omnichord Gig Bag

Omnichord Gig BagNEW - OMC-8 Gig bag suitable for all model Omnichords including:
OM27, OM36, OM84, OM100, OM200m, OM150, OM250M, OM300, QC-1

The new Omnichord gig bag is made using heavy duty padded fabric with double zip, front pocket and strap.

Colour Burgundy/Black


  Omnipedia - Start Here

Jenny OmnichordOur complete Omnichord model guide explains the evolution from Portachord to Qchord. What is the difference between an OM27 and a System One? Why did Suzuki change the Omnichord name and is there a difference? Which models have Midi? Photos, videos and music samples of each model are included.

Browse through every Suzuki instrument in the series in what may possibly be the most comprehensive Omnichord Guide on the web!


tapeHere we have a collection of our favourite Omnichord and Qchord related Media which includes original brochures, adverts reviews and images. Cruise to the 21st century 'retro 80s' electronica of Casey Desmond, be wrapped up in the big satin duvet of sound that is Oh Land or chill out to the uniqueness of Jenny Omnichord.

Plus...catch up with our latest Facebook antics with live feed directly from facebook/omnichord.heaven