Omnichord Repairs

We have been servicing and maintaining Omnichords since the mid 1990s, if you have a problem with your beloved instrument...give us a call.

General Omnichord Advice

Many of the Omnichords sent to us for repair are damaged unintentionally and completely unnecessarily. Here are a few things to check each time you use your Omnichord.

All models use a 12v DC mains adapter which is negative polarity. In other words its probably different to any other 12V adapter you have laying around. Check and double check you are using the correct adapter. if you don't have one you may order one here



Battery Leakage!Batteries
Yes, your Omnichord is portable and will go with you anywhere, but leaving batteries in it when not in use is a big, big risk. We have seen so many dead Omnichords and Qchords because owners forgot to remove the batteries which then leaked and destroyed the internal components. Use only good quality batteries (e.g. those type with the copper coloured tops).


Damaged strumplateSonicStrings
NEVER use a guitar plectrum on your SonicStrings - it will damage the membrane circuit. OM27, OM36 and OM84 strumplates are not available so take special care of these.

Note: early OM27 SonicStrings used a magical electrical touch sensitive plate, unfortunately dry hands do not make a great electrical conductor, because of this Suzuki supplied a special, safe rubbery plectrum. We are looking at remanufacturing these Plectrums - watch this space.

Trip HazzardTrippin'
When using the mains adapter its easy to snag the cable. This often damages the little DC socket in your Omnichord resulting in intermittent power connection - this can also cause further problems if not rectified quickly. See our repairs page.