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  Owners Guides

All available manuals are listed here - and are completely free for you to download, link to or share - all we ask is you point people back to this website in return. More will be added shortly and better quality versions uploaded as they become available.

Tronichord Owners Manual OM27 Owners Guide OM36 Owners Guide
PC-27 scan from Rob Van Der Plas OM-27 Scanned In House OM-36 Scanned In House
    awaiting re-scan
Suzuki Omnichord OM84 Owners Manual  OM100/200M Owners Guide OM250M OM150 Owners Manual
OM-84 In House Scan OM-100 OM-200M Old In House Scan OM-150 OM250M In House Scan
newly scanned May 2018 awaiting re-scan newly scanned 4th May 2014
OM300 Owners Guide Qchord Owners Guide Omnichord OM-108 Owners Guide 
OM-300 Awaiting Scanning QC-1 Official PDF OM-108 Official PDF