Suzuki Melodion mouthpieces are made from special materials which have anti-bacterial properties for hygiene.



Standard Mouthpiece Trumpet style Mouthpiece





MP-132 Mouthpiece MP-191 Mouthpiece 
MP-132  MP-191 
Trumpet style mouthpiece recommended for solo and softer performances  Short Trombone style mouthpiece designed for large embouchure
£12.99 £11.99


MP-142 Mouthpiece
MP-141 MP-142 
Deluxe 'short' mouthpiece for enhanced dynamics Very Short Mouthpiece for direct expression and low breath loss.
£6.99 £12.99


MP-113 Moutpiece tube MP-500L flexible mouthpiece pipe
MP-113 MP-500L
Standard Mouthpiece pipe for table top playing  Standard Mouthpiece pipe for table top playing with L shaped  connector
£8.99 £11.99

 MP-151 S type Moutpiece MP-171 Mouthpiece 
MP-151  MP-171 
 S shaped rigid mouthpiece allowing for view of the keyboard whilst playing Standard Mouthpiece pipe with L shaped connector for table top playing. Finished in black 
£31.99  £11.99 


 MP-161 Flexible mouthpiece  MP-181 Mouthpiece
MP-161 MP-181 
Flexible Gooseneck type mouthpiece. Strong mouthpiece pipe that firmly retains its position. Extension Mouthpiece (same type as MP-161) 
£41.99  £25.99 


MP-113 MP-113 white tube straight end 8.99
MP-121 MP-121 Standard Mouthpiece 4.99
MP-131 MP-131 Trumpet 5.99
MP-132 MP-132 Trumpet Customised 12.99
MP-141 MP-141 Customised Short 6.99
MP-142 MP-142 Trumpet Customised 12.99
MP-151 MP-151 Mouthpiece silver 'S' 31.99
MP-161 MP-161 black rigid flexible 41.99
MP-171 MP-171 black tube, L shape end 11.99
MP-181 MP-181 Black Tube extension 25.99
MP-191 MP-191 Trombone mouthpiece 11.99
MUC-1 MUC-1 Mouth Piece Case 31.99

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