Suzuki Melodions

Melodion The Suzuki Melodion;  No other musical instrument combines so many diverse playing techniques, such as keyboard fingering, breath control, as well as solo/ ensemble performance in a truly portable instrument. In Asia, the Melodion has become the primary instrument for music education, whilst in the West it has developed a new market with professional musicians and solo artists. Whatever your musical tastes, a Suzuki Melodion offers an exciting addition to your instrument selection. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for video demonstrations. 

Timeless Advantages

Rosalind with MelodionVisual perception of musical notation is a key to any further understanding of the various music forms. Students will benefit in this regard by being able to recognize musical intervals and then more complex chord structures. When the initial instructions are learned, the Melodion takes on a new dimension as it is universally adaptable to your own multi-voiced choral, band or orchestral arrangements.

A History Of Success

Suzuki Melodions are voiced in three distinct ranges, just like a recorder ensemble; soprano, alto, and bass voices combine to produce full, vibrant sounds, the Melodion makes keyboard instruction in the classroom practical for the first time. As ideal preparation for choral, band or orchestral programs, the Melodion serves to stimulate a students interest in continuing their musical education by fully exposing them to many different musical instrument variations.

Melodion Note Range

Melodion note RangeSuzuki Melodions are voiced in three distinct ranges for ensemble playing: Soprano, Alto and Bass voices combine to produce full, vibrant sounds.
For your convenience, here is a guide indicating the note range of each instrument. This is particularly useful if you intend to purchase instruments for ensemble use.

We recommend Alto Melodions for Solo use.