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  OM100 & OM200M

Omnichord Trek1989 saw two new Omnichords warping in, once again incorporating significant improvements. The cabinet shape is updated looking rather like the Enterprise Saucer section and suspicously the Owners Manual even included the theme music to Star Trek, complete with lyrics by Gene Roddenberry for you to sing along. Maybe try 'singing' it the William Shatner way?

Ergonomics are carefully reconsidered and Chord buttons are moved to the front and angled slightly for more comfortable play.

The strumplate is set at a much more natural angle which suits wrist and arm movement. Although the strumplate uses the same touch responsive membrane technology as the OM36 and OM84 the shape is updated and this changed little up to the current QC1.

One very cool new feature is an optional Strap which came with two strap buttons. Pre-drilled holes on are located on either end of the Omnichord body for fitting of the buttons. Now the Omnichordist can hang around at the front of the stage with the cool kids and their guitars.


Couple on Tandem with OM100This Beige coloured OM100 is the entry model and replaces the OM36. It is a thing of beauty and the small rubber buttons are a real joy to behold. It doesn't have 100 chords though...just 36 like its predecessor; 12 Major, 12 Minor and 12 Seventh. 10 Rhythm Styles with full auto accompaniment consisting of individually selectable Chord and Bass section. 10 (yes 10!) completely new sounds for the strumplate with adjustable sustain and all new, out of this world Vibrato. Instant Off Push button is located at the top right of the strumplate. And of course, with the all new strap you can always jump on a tandem Whilst your friend is steering you can enjoy Live music on the go!


Stephen BishopReplacing the OM84 is the Grey coloured OM200M which has 84 playable chords along with a 19 note Piano keyboard (played using lighter chord buttons).

The OM200M also retains the chord computer form its predecessor and has the same 10 Styles and 10 Sounds of the OM100.

The major improvement over all previous models is the "M". Unlike 'M' in the Bond movies we do know what this one stands is of course, MIDI. The OM200M has a single MIDI OUT port for controlling external sound modules or recording into a sequencer. Or....and we are not sure if Suzuki intended it....we banged our 200M into an arranger keyboard, put on a wig and selected the Status Quo Rock Rhythm. Yeah.


Suzuki Omnichord OM200M

  OM-200M OM-100
SonicStrings Strumplate  10 sounds: Guitar, Piano, Banjo, Jazz Organ, Flute, Organ, Chimes, Brass, Vibes & Synth. 4 Octaves  <- 
Chord Buttons  84 chords (Major, Minor, 7th, Major 7th, Minor 7th, Aug., Dim.  36 chords (Major, minor, 7th 
Keyboards  C-g (19 keys) 
Chord Transpose  Select x 12 
Rhythms  Rock 1, Rock 2, Disco, Blues, ,March, Country, Latin, Bossanova, Waltz, Swing <- 
Controls  Master volume, Voice volume, Sustain, Rhythm volume & tempo, Chord volume <-
Switch Buttons  Power switch (with pilot lamp), Voice select & 10 voice switches,Vibrato On/Off (with pilot lamp), rhythm select & 10 rhythm switches, Auto-Bass Sync switch, Chord Hold ON/OFF switch (with pilot lamp), Playback/Record switch, Repeat/Delete switch & Playback/Enter switch. Melody Keyboard switch Power switch (with pilot lamp), Voice select & 10 voice switches,Vibrato On/Off (with pilot lamp), rhythm select & 10 rhythm switches, Auto-Bass Sync switch, Chord Hold ON/OFF switch (with pilot lamp)
Tuning +/- 30 cents <-
Auxiliary Jacks  AC adapter jack, Output jack, Foot pedal jack, MIDI out AC adapter jack, Output jack 
Speaker  Built in 9.2cm speaker, 8 Ohm <- 
Body Colour  Grey Beige 
Power  12V D.C. 1.5V battery x 8pcs (SIZE C, R-14) or use Suzuki Adapter (DC12V, 400mA) <- 
Output  7W  <- 
Net Weight  1.4kg  <- 
Dimensions  520 x 280 x 48 mm  <- 




  • OCA-7 A.C. adapter
  • OCD-7 D.C. car adapter
  • OVP-7 New Stylish vinyl carry bag in two tone grey with strap.
  • OMC-7 Hard Shell carry case
  • OFS-7 Foot Switch (OM200M only)
  • MPS-100 Adjustable Stand
  • OMA-10 Ten Watt External Powered Speaker
  • OMA-20 Twenty Watt External powered Speaker
  • OMM-2 High Impedance Microphone
  • OS-7 "Omnichord Spoken Here" Songbook (200 pages)
  • JFK-7 Just For Kids Songbook
  • EF-7 Enduring Faith Songbook
  • OC-7 Omnichord Country Songbook

..Next Models: OM-150 & OM-250M