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  Tronichord/ Portachord (PC-27)

"Recommended for the hidden musician of any age"Casey Desmond with Tronichord

The Tronichord/ Portachord was the first in a long line of instruments produced by Suzuki Corporation and available through Suzuki San Diego. It is a very compact, cool and striking design indeed - and was the 'baby' in the range of two instruments (OM-27 was the big brother and released soon after). The cool blue touch sensitive membrane chord pads are positioned above the horizontal strumplate meaning you need to cross hands when playing both together. Only two controls were included; Chord Volume and SonicStrings Volume.

The layout of 27 chords is familiar to OM27 owners with Major on the upper row, Minor on the middle row and 7th on the bottom row. An "instant off" touch pad is located to the left of the main strumplate. On the underside you will find a trimpot for adjusting tuning. There is a built in speaker and it can operate from batteries or mains (via a DC adapter). In other words this is a fully functional, self contained little instrument that is completely portable.

An original Christmas advert for the Omnichord OM27 and Portachord read as follows:

"Accompany Your Company..."

Omnichord Company Advert 

...with Omnichord and Portachord.

For the hidden musician in all of us, Suzuki brings you 2 new electronic musical instruments that anyone can easily play the very first time. If you love music but don't know one note from another, Omnichord and Portachord now make it possible for you to sound like a pro - even if you've never played before!

Omnichord and Portachord are the ultimate in accompaniment instruments for your next party or social event. Everyone will be on their feet, singing and dancing as you touch a button and play up to 27 chords, 6 drum patterns and a walking bass. Then, strum the amazing touch sensitive 'SonicStrings' touchplate, just like a guitar! Completely portable and always in tune, you'll be amazed by just how much music you can make with these new compact musiccomputers. If you know your A, B, C's, it's that easy to make music and play your favorite songs - electronically.

So for your next get-together, GET IT TOGETHER with Omnichord and Portachord. Accompany your company by bringing out the best musician in the house... YOU!

Omnichord and Portachord now available at your local music store. Brought to you by Suzuki Corporation.


  • Mains Adapter.
  • Cool Silver and Blue Travel Case
  • Range of Suzuki Songbooks: Pops, Beatles, Country, Old Time Favorites

Portachord AccessoriesPC-27 BooksTronichord Box

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