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  Qchord (QC-1)

I Q do You?The start of the new millennium saw yet another major facelift for the Omnichord. At the time, the instrument was becoming somewhat dated and Suzuki felt a re-launch was required to attract both new and younger players.

The Case is completely redesigned (although actual positioning of the 36 Chord buttons (84 playable chords) and strumplate remain the same as the OM150M, 200, 250M and 300. The Case is actually identical in size to the OM27 and at a glance the colour is similar, although the Qchord is actually a very beautifully finished High Gloss Burgundy Colour with colour coded chord buttons and strumplate.

By the year 2000 the world was well and truly digital and the QC-1 is no exception, fitted with MIDI In & OUT. You will also find a completely new Sound pallet featuring newly sampled voices (up to 100 sounds) and fresh, modern, 4 channel styles with Intro/Ending and Fill.

Only one rotary volume control remains (The Chromed Master Volume) whilst other volumes are on step up and down buttons with visual LED blocks to tell you the levels. Pitch Bend Wheel is also new and conveniently located so you can play the strumplate with your thumb and at the same time control Pitch bend with your fingers - it takes a little practice, but makes for very interesting effects.

  Q...The Music

Although the Qchord may not appeal to Die Hard Omnichordists when first powered on, it soon becomes apparent that the Qchord is incredibly 'customizable'. It can be played fully automatic or completely manual. You have total control over all the effects too; Reverb, sustain, Vibrato Depth, transposition and octave shift.

The chord Computer has been dropped, but you are quickly appeased by the Cartridge Slot. This completely new feature allows you to add additional styles, or play with a comprehensive backing track library (Many Optional cartridges available)

The Speaker system is greatly improved. Still 7 Watts, but with a new oval speaker and ported bass, the Qchord is very loud and very clear.

  Q Contingency

Rosalind with QchordThe Qchords' appeal is as eclectic as its predecessors, as you will see when viewing some of our featured videos. It is being used by many top performing artists and has really struck a chord in the USA where a serious following has developed in the form of social groups learning to play and enjoying each others company.

The lush, crisp sound of a QC-1 is instantly recognizable and it wont take long before you notice it appearing in contemporary music recordings. 

Our advise for you is to close this website and get out your Qchord for some meaningful music making!


  Qchord QC-1
Strumplate Range
4 Octaves Strumplate Voices: 100 Melody Keyboard Voices: 100
Chord Buttons  36 Soft Touch buttons, 84 chords (Major, Minor, 7th, Major 7th, Minor 7th, Aug., Dim. 
Rhythms  Bossanova, Country,, Dance Jazz, New Age, March, Waltz,, Ballad, Rock, Blues, Shuffle. Also additional Styles available on the optional rhythm style cartridges.
Accompaniment 4 Channel: Drum, Bass, Chord & Chord Plus, all with individual control.
Effects Reverb and Vibrato (with adjustable depth control), Pitch Bend Wheel.
QCard Port Otional Song Cards with Lyric, Chord & Melody Books available. Also Style Cards to add Rhythm Styles to the Qchords 10 on board Styles.
Variable Controls Master Volume, Strumplate Volume, Strumplate Sustain, Rhythm volume, Rhythm tempo, Bass Volume, Chord volume, Chord Plus volume, Reverb Depth Control, Vibrato Depth Control, Pitch Bend Wheel, Transpose, Tuning, Octave Shift.
Button Controls Power, Demo, Strumplate Voice Select, Rhythm Style Select, Rhythm Fill, Rhythm Intro/End,  Start, Stop. Qcard Play, Pause, Search Up, Search Down. Midi Expander
Other Functions Rhythm Fill, Rhythm Intro/End, Pitch Bend Wheel, Midi In & Out
Two Digit LD, Two LED Light Bar, 12 LED's Power Output 7 Watts, 5" Oval Speaker and Bass Port
12V D.C. 8 x SIZE C, R-14 batteries Jacks DC Power in, 1/4" Line Out/Headphone, MIDI In & Out
Includes Keyboard Overlay, Cleaning Cloth, Qchord Manual


Qchord CaseQchord StrapQchord CartridgesQchord Adapter
  • QCC Moulded Case
    Protect your QChord with this indestructible case in matching QChord colors. Holds adapters, song cartridges and books.
  • QCA A/C Adapter
    Extend QChord's battery life with this made-for-QChord power adapter.
  • QCS Adjustable Strap
    Experienced players will want this beautiful strap with embroidered QChord logo.
  • QCTS Suzuki T Shirt
    Carries the Suzuki Logo on the front and rear.
  • QSB Books
    Each book contains all the songs in the QCards, and many more. A new book is issued with each new QCard, so check with your local retailer for new releases:

QSB-1 Country Classics, 48 Pages
QSB-2 Great Standards, 48 Pages
QSB-3 Lennon & McCartney, 48 Pages
QSB-4 Strangers in the Night, 48 Pages
QSB-5 Pop Favorites, 48 Pages
QSB-6 Holiday Song Favorites, 48 Pages
QSB-7 Pop Classics, 48 Pages
QSB-8 Childrens Song Favorites, 48 Pages
QSB-9 Religious Standards, 48 Pages
QSB-10 QChord Big Book of Songs, 96 Pages

  • QSC Song Cartridges
  • (1 to 13)
    Song Cartridges play background and melody. Plug into QChord and you're making music. All you do is strum.

QSC-1 Country Classics, 8 Songs
QSC-2 Great Standards, 8 Songs
QSC-3 Lennon & McCartney, 8 Songs
QSC-4 Strangers in the Night, 8 Songs
QSC-5 Pop Favorites, 8 Songs
QSC-6 Holiday Song Favorites, 10 Songs
QSC-7 Pop Classics, 8 Songs
QSC-8 Childrens Song Favorites, 12 Songs
QSC-9 Religious Standards, 12 Songs
QSC-10 Religious Favorites, 12 Songs
QSC-11 Country Standards, 10 Songs
QSC-12 Platinum Chartbusters, 10 Songs
QSC-13 Party Hits, 12 Songs

  • QRC Rhythm Style Cartridges. Add a library of 30 extra rhythms with backing to your Qchord.

QRC-1 Rhythm Style QCard, 30 Rhythm Styles