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OM300_handAs the Twentieth Century drew to a close (1995), Suzuki placed everything into their latest instrument. If we are to believe the brochures, a far higher being than mere alien beings had blessed this project! A Divine hand extends from Omnichord Heaven down to the holy Strumplate, bestowing upon it truly angelic new sounds. The hand, of course is part of Michelangelo's painting on the Sistine Chapel.

The new OM300 is finished in a virtuous shade of Ivory, fit for even the most pious of Saintly Omnichordists. It included all of the OM250M features but with revised sound pallet using the latest samples (Omnichord, Guitar, Harp, Banjo, Strings, Piano, Organ, Celesta, Marimba and Steel Drums) along with updated styles (Rock I, II, II, March, Jazz, Country, Bluegrass, Bossnova, Samba & Waltz). A Fill-In feature is also included which can also be used as an Intro.

The chord button layout is now very familiar and includes 84 playable chords across three rows of 12 buttons. (Major, Minor, Major 7th, Minor 7th, Augmented and Diminished). The subtle dual tone chord buttons are retained for melody keyboard (with dedicated sound library) and an overlay is included for ease of use. The top two rows of buttons are also used to control the chord computer (which is the same as the OM250M and can store up to 120 events). The buttons that are coloured are of softer shades than previous models and the strumplate is colour coded to the Omnichord body.


Suzuki Omnichord OM300

SonicStrings Strumplate  10 sounds: Omnichord, Guitar, Harp, Banjo, Strings, Piano, Organ, Celesta, Marimba and Steel Drums. 4 Octaves 
Chord Buttons  36 soft touch buttons, 84 chords (Major, Minor, 7th, Major 7th, Minor 7th, Aug., Dim. 
Keyboards  C-g (19 keys) 
Chord Transpose  Select x 12 
Rhythms  Rock I, II, II, March, Jazz, Country, Bluegrass, Bossnova, Samba & Waltz
Controls  Master volume, Voice volume, Sustain, Rhythm volume & tempo, Chord volume
Switch Buttons  Power switch (with pilot lamp), Voice select & 10 voice switches,Vibrato On/Off (with pilot lamp), rhythm select & 10 rhythm switches, Auto-Bass Sync switch, Chord Hold ON/OFF switch (with pilot lamp), Playback/Record switch, Repeat/Delete switch & Playback/Enter switch. Melody Keyboard switch
Tuning +/- 30 cents
Auxiliary Jacks  AC adapter jack, Output jack, Foot pedal jack, MIDI out
Speaker  Built in 9.2cm speaker, 8 Ohm
Body Colour  Grey
Power  12V D.C. 1.5V battery x 8pcs (SIZE C, R-14) or use Suzuki Adapter (DC12V, 400mA)
Output  7W 
Net Weight  1.4kg 
Dimensions  520 x 280 x 48 mm 


  • OM300 AccessoriesOCA-7 A.C. adapter
  • OCD-7 D.C. car adapter
  • OVP-7 New Stylish vinyl carry bag in two tone grey with strap.
  • OMC-7 Hard Shell carry case
  • OFS-7 Foot Switch
  • MPS-100 Adjustable Stand
  • OMA-10 Ten Watt External Powered Speaker
  • OMA-20 Twenty Watt External powered Speaker
  • OMM-2 High Impedance Microphone
  • OS-7 "Omnichord Spoken Here" Songbook (200 pages)
  • JFK-7 Just For Kids Songbook
  • EF-7 Enduring Faith Songbook
  • OC-7 Omnichord Country Songbook



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